SPE’s International Mixer

The Society of Petroleum Engineers(SPE) hosted a mixer on the 2nd of December, in the Sarkeys Energy Center, room N202. The flyer promised Hideaway pizza, drinks, and fun games. A few things to note beforehand, I did have an interest in engineering and received their event invites and went to a few club meetings as well, but the main point I want to get across is that I am not trying stereotype engineers in any way. That being said I really did not know what to expect, except some food and games.

When I was a Sophomore in highschool I attended an engineering camp here at OU for multicultural students and for the most part everyone had about the same personality even though we had all come from diverse backgrounds. We talked ‘nerd’ stuff, played with legos (late into the night), and on a few occasions we even talked to girl campers. The mixer was pretty close to that, I tried to enter a few card games with some students but they were standoffish so I just mingled around.¬†Another thing to note was the event started at 5, I arrived at 5ish, and in the beginning there was a large group but after fifteen minutes the bulk had gotten what they came for, Hideaway. The ones who had stayed were either officers in SPE or friends with them and were just using this time to spend time with each other. I was able to talk to a few international students and they all said about the same thing, “OU is good in engineering and that is why I am here.” Now I can not recall exactly was said so long at camp but I am pretty sure that was the main reason for most of the campers spending their summer doing math.

So I was able to leave with wider eyes, understanding that just because someone is from a different culture or country it does not mean necessarily they are different. In fact the time I have spent here at OU and exploring the international community I found that we as people have more things in common than not and it is the not that makes us seem foreign.

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