Okay so some pretext to this post. At the beginning of the year I signed up for OU cousins and beyond excited to be paired up with an international student. The first problem arose when there was a problem with in info meeting (which was required) I attended but something went wrong with the system and a few people were not counted, including me. I was able to prove I was there but because of me being put in the system later I was not matched with a cousin. Okay, now fast forward to the week of Thanksgiving I receive and email saying that I am not match with an OU cousin and get his number. Now Ram works a lot and is only free usually when I am busy, so a week goes by and we just can not meet up and then dead week and finals come up on us and meeting is just nearly impossible, nearly. So finally on the last Wednesday of the semester we are able to go do something together. We find out we both love movies, especially cult films and in general connect very well. I am very excited to spend more time with Ram next semester and depending on how much room my family has this break he may be able to visit my hometown of Pawhuska over break and I will be able to show him the lesser known Oklahoma.

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