On my last trip to an event I attended an interest meeting for the International Students Speakers Bureau on Friday the ninth of December. Although I was a little late and only caught the end of one presentation I learned a little about Slovak culture. Mostly facts about the country as well as a few facts on Slovakian immigrants and famous people of Slovakian heritage or descent.

As always I tested out the cuisine provided, this time around it was a lot more informal and mostly on the snake side of the food spectrum. That being said it was festive time no doubt with warm apple cider, hot chocolate, sugar cookies, and apples. I was happy being they handed my a box cookies and said they had gotten to much, I am always happy to take home leftovers.

Before I could leave, I begin to talk to a few the members about their organization and such, before I knew it I had been there an extra hour. It was the presenter from the Slovak presentation, she had peaked my interest when she begin to speak about the troubles from her homeland. Such atrocities as relocation, assimilation, and alienation from the government. I was surprised to finding this things out, I knew life was not good every where but as she pointed out you have to have a particular interest in Slovakia to learn about Slovakia so I never knew about it more than just the name.

I always feel a hunger when learning about new things, cultural, and people and this interaction has made me famished. I find it very important to learn the history from both sides of the story. And at this event I feel as heard the more commonly less known story, I was left with more questions than answers and to me that is the sign of a successful interest meeting.


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