Arabic Flagship Program

On the night of the second in December I attended the spectacle that was the Arabic Flagship Fall Talent Show. This event like many other I went to the group hosting it would translate most pieces but in all was mostly spoken in Arabic. I admire this type of immersion and I can why the program is so successful with the learning rate of the language and culture.

Of course I need to address the highlight of the event for me personal, which was the dinner provided. This meal was catered by OU and absolutely delectable. Main course was extremely pleasing and I quite liked the rice and humus provided. Another favorite of mine was the hot tea, I do believe I had around four or five cups as I am avid tea drinker and the tea served was of the highest caliber.

Besides the food, the event on a whole was marvelous consisting of poems, videos, and performances. I especially liked the videos and could see the effort put in to them, when they were trying to be funny it translated very well and made the experience a memorable one. Not to forget the performances, mostly the performances were belly dancers and this was exciting to watch especially knowing that the performers had been practicing all semester and the work had really played off. I found it fun to clap along with music as it made the experience a little more lively and enjoyable. Although my favorite piece of the night was a short film “The Lord of the Homework”, the film itself was a parody of the Lord of the Rings movies. I really found this one to extremely funny as they hit some the original films classic scenes and was able to put a twist on to fit their story.

I was tremendously impressed with the program on a whole, within the program I could see a type of close community that made the event special in my eyes. When I first heard of the event I really did not know what to expect, I mean whenever I told people where I was going there was a look of curiosity and interest. I believe the fact that to me and my knowledge of the global community I could guess what to expect, but I kept an open mind, but I really had no context to go on. Now I believe I been shown this whole new culture and has sparked more interest, with this interest I would like to research more with culture or at very least attend next years talent show as well.

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